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Mirakuru - Miracle in Japanese

Thoughtfully sourced & mindfully made. At Mirakuru, every cup of tea is a small miracle waiting to happen.

Our teas are sourced exclusively from trusted suppliers, ensuring a premium selection for our customers. Mirakuru tea drinks are expertly brewed using our patented Teapresso machines, which extracts the maximum flavor from each tea leaf in just 60 seconds, ensuring a delicious and refreshing drink every time.


Our Signature Kurimi & Tea Jelly topping


Kurimi means 'creamy' in Japanese and is available in both hot and iced versions. The drink features pure tea at the bottom and our signature lightly sweet foam. Similar to a tea latte, you can enjoy it by sipping the foam initially and then blending it with the tea. A thorough shake will transform it into a delightful milk tea.

Jasmine Tea Jelly:

As its name, our Jasmine Tea Jelly is crafted from jasmine green tea with a lightly floral note. It offers a subtle sweetness and a refreshing jelly-like texture.

Peach Black Tea Jelly:

A perfect blend of juicy white peaches and bold black tea in our Peach Black Tea Jelly, creating a sweet and robust treat for your tea.

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Do you offer non-dairy & caffeine-free options?

We do offer non-dairy alternatives such as oat and almond milk. However, please be aware that our Kurimi, Matcha, Ube, Banana and Honeydew foam, and Melona Milk contain heavy cream and are not dairy-free. We've recently updated our menu to include more caffeine-free options. If you have specific preferences or questions about our drinks, please feel free to ask our staff for assistance.

Why there is no add-ons available for COFFEE, AMAI & CAFFEINE-FREE series?

Our honey boba is crafted with our house special honey and brown sugar mix. While we recognize that everyone loves boba, adding honey boba to coffee may alter its original flavor. Our coffee is robust and concentrated, so we suggest sipping it slowly to fully appreciate its richness. Similar to our AMAI and CAFFEINE-FREE drinks. If you're a boba lover, we recommend trying it with our Classic, Kurimi, or Fruit Tea series.

Do you offer stamp cards?

Yes, we offer stamp cards. For every drink purchase, you'll receive one stamp, and collecting 8 stamps earns you a complimentary drink.

Do you offer franchise opportunities?

We appreciate your interest in MIRAKURU and appreciate your support, we currently have no plans to expand through franchising. However, we are always open to exploring other opportunities for collaboration or partnerships, so please feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if you have any questions or proposals.

Are you hiring?

Yes, we are currently hiring for the positions of boba barista and cashier. To apply online, you can email us your resume directly. If you're interested in attending a walk-in interview, just remember to bring a copy of your resume with you!